How much is self-storage in Plymouth?

Many of the self-storage operators in Plymouth do not display their prices. As a result of this it can be hard to shop around to find the best deal. You will also find that lots of companies quote without the VAT included and will then make you pay insurance on top of this. So sometimes the headline price is not the actual price you pay.

Container Storage

Container storage is the most cost effective option. Prices will vary depending on provider, location and quality of storage containers. Here we give approximate prices for storage on the most common sizes in Plymouth for 2022:

20ft Container (160 sq ft): £130 – £190 per month

10ft Container (80 sq ft): £80 – £100 per month

8ft Container (60 sq ft): £85 – £110 per month

Indoor storage

Indoor storage is the more expensive option. It also tends to offer the smallest size of storage but a good amount of different options. Depending on location, quality of building and size indoor storage can vary massively. Typically you will pay around twice the price per sq ft. Here we give some approximate prices in Plymouth for 2022:

25 sq ft: £55 – £80 per month

50 sq ft: £100 – £120 per month

75 sq ft: £150 – £180 per month


  • Check prices including VAT and insurance
  • Shop around
  • Look for introductory offers for short term savings but also consider long term costs
  • Consider pros and cons of container v indoor storage

A note from us:

Currently we offer 8ft and 20ft containers for £90 and £170 a month including VAT and £1000 Insurance. They are new (2020) and all drive up with 24 hour access.

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