Plymouth Container Storage

Preparing ground for Container Storage

We are now on phase 2 of the work on our site. We started off with a relatively flat area of grass land. We have enlisted local company Brunel Recycling for the ground work. We couldn’t recommend them enough and they have managed to transform the area in just 3.5 days with lots of hard work.

Firstly they have dug down and levelled the site. It has then been rolled out with a machine. 8 lorries of 308 aggregate have unloaded on site. This is then spread out and levelled with a roller machine. The final step has been two lorries of what is referred to as stone ‘dust’. This is then levelled and rolled out to give a perfect flat finish.

Now the work has been done and levelled we are ready to take on more 20ft and 8ft containers at our Plymouth site. The next load of containers will be arriving in two weeks on the 04/08/2020. If you are interested in container storage then please get in contact.

We took a video of one of the lorries unloading and uploaded it to our YouTube Channel:

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